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ARIN Bits: March 2018

In this issue:

**Join Us at ARIN 41 in Miami**
**Changes Ahead for www.arin.net**
**ARIN in the Caribbean**
**Will We See You at ARIN on the Road?**
**Current Policy Proposals Under Discussion**
**New Features Added to ARIN Online in February 2018**
**Two Consultations Currently Open**
**Featured Policy Requirement**
**Tip from ARIN’s Registration Services Department**
**Tip from ARIN’s Financial Services Department**
**Customer and Member Statistics as of 28 February 2018**
**Helpful IPv6 Links**
**Stay Engaged with ARIN**

**Join Us at ARIN 41 in Miami**

ARIN 41 is next month! Are you ready? We are! We hope to see you in 
sunny Miami, Florida from 15-18 April at the Hilton Miami Downtown. This 
will be a great opportunity to engage in policy discussions, network 
with colleagues, learn more about ARIN services and operations, and 
attend workshops and tutorials. If you can’t be there in person, remote 
participation is always an option and is equally rewarding.

To view the agenda for ARIN 41, visit https://www.arin.net/ARIN41_agenda

To register as either an in-person or remote attendee, visit 

**Changes Ahead for www.arin.net**

In case you haven’t heard, big changes are on the horizon for 
www.arin.net! We are currently digging into a major effort to modernize 
and improve our website so that it is more attractive, intuitive, 
responsive, and accessible. In short, we want to make using the ARIN 
website a better experience for everyone.

If you’re interested in what lies ahead for www.arin.net, then we hope 
you’re planning on attending ARIN 41 in Miami. During the meeting, there 
will be a presentation summarizing our efforts and we’ll even be showing 
off a preliminary preview of the new site so we can gather user feedback 
right at the meeting. It will be a great opportunity for the community 
to get a feel for the new website and steer us in the right direction 
with their feedback!

We are also currently running a Tree Test (learn more at 
to get community input on the navigation on the new website. If you 
would like to participate, please visit: 

We thank everyone for their patience as we work toward the completion of 
this very important project.

**ARIN in the Caribbean**

In February, Caribbean Outreach Liaison Bevil Wooding launched a new 
initiative called ARIN in the Caribbean, designed specifically for the 
Caribbean portion of the ARIN region. Programs in Grenada, Barbados, St. 
Lucia, and St. Kitts and Nevis were well attended.

The one-day program features information on ARIN and its services, as 
well as how we can help you and your organizations design, secure, and 
maintain robust networks and contribute to Internet numbering policy 
development for the region.

ARIN in the Caribbean events are free to attend and offer a great 
environment to learn and share. The program includes presentations on 
timely topics such as obtaining IPv6 addresses from ARIN and transfers 
of number resources. In addition, there will be presentations on current 
policy discussions, ARIN technical services, and best practices for 
building resilient Caribbean networks.

To learn more and view upcoming dates and locations, visit: 

**Will We See You at ARIN on the Road?**

ARIN on the Road is your chance to get face time with ARIN and get your 
questions answered. These traveling, no-cost events provide the latest 
from ARIN on everything from technical services and tools to current 
ARIN policy developments and the status of IPv6 adoption.

ARIN on the Road will visit Minneapolis, MN on 1 May and London, ON on 3 
May. Registration is now open for both events:



And mark your calendars: ARIN on the Road will also be making stops in 
St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA on 5 and 7 June, respectively.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

**Current Policy Proposals Under Discussion**

Find the status of current policy discussions at 
https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/ and subscribe to ARIN-PPML 
(Public Policy Mailing List) to voice your opinions. Membership is not 
required to participate!

Recommended Draft Policies under discussion:

-ARIN-2017-3: Update to NPRM 3.6: Annual Whois POC Validation
-ARIN-2017-8: Amend Community Networks
-ARIN-2017-10: Repeal of Immediate Need for IPv4 Address Space (NRPM 
-ARIN-2017-12: Require New POC Validation Upon Reassignment
-ARIN-2017-13: Remove ARIN Review Requirements for Large IPv4 
Reassignments/ Reallocations

Draft Policies under discussion:

-ARIN-2017-9: Clarification of Initial Block Size for IPv4 ISP Transfers
-ARIN-2018-1: Allow Inter-regional ASN Transfers
-ARIN-2018-2: Clarification to ISP Initial Allocation and Permit Renumbering

Editorial changes under discussion:

-Correct References to Rwhois (formerly ARIN-prop-251)
-Reallocation and Reassignment Language Cleanup (formerly Draft Policy 

**New Features Added to ARIN Online in February 2018**

-We completed a number of performance improvements and implemented 
multiple bug fixes on Whois.
-Transfer performance was improved, resulting in shorter processing time 
for large transfers.
-Pages and processes in ARIN Online were improved and streamlined, 
including Transfer Requests, Ticket - Request Details, Ask ARIN, and 
Password Change.
-ARIN’s MD5-PW generator has been updated and is available for use with 
ARIN’s Internet Routing Registry (IRR). It is available at: 
-Updated the Whois Inaccuracy Form to provide additional guidance to users.
-For Two-Factor Authentication, removed QR code and key viewing after 
initial setup (customer request).

**Two Consultations Currently Open**

On occasion, ARIN needs to consult with its members and/or the community 
at-large regarding ARIN services and practices. To address this need, 
the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) was formed. The ACSP 
enables communications in an organized, deliberate, and transparent 
manner, and provides a feedback mechanism whereby the sense of the 
community or members regarding a specific issue can be gauged.

We currently have two consultations open for community feedback:

-2018.1: ARIN Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Roadmap 
-2018.2: ASO Review Consultation 2018 

Consultation 2018.1 will remain open until 25 April and 2018.2 will 
remain open until 30 April. To contribute to the discussion, please 
provide comments to arin-consult at arin.net. You can subscribe to this 
mailing list at:

**Featured Policy Requirement**

Pre-approval for Transfers between Specified Recipients within the ARIN 
Region (NRPM 8.3) and Inter-RIR Transfers to Specified Recipients (NRPM 8.4)

Did you know your organization can be pre-approved to receive transfers 
for up to your 24-month demonstrated need? Once pre-approved, you can 
then submit as many 8.3 and/or 8.4 transfers as needed until your 
24-month pre-approved amount is depleted. If you would like to submit a 
transfer pre-approval request, please find additional information and 
instructions on our Transfer Pre-Approval page: 

**Tip from ARIN’s Registration Services Department**

Don’t forget that ARIN Resource Analysts are easily reachable via 
telephone! If you would like to discuss anything related to ARIN Online, 
Internet number requests, or any other service we offer, give our 
Registration Services team a call at 703.227.0660 Monday through Friday, 
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET. There is rarely a queue, and our average wait 
time is currently at 10 seconds!

**Tip from ARIN’s Financial Services Department**

Are you wondering why you have not received an invoice or other 
communication from ARIN? The cause may be related to any number of 
reasons, but some common reasons could be that the:

-contact left the company,
-contact changed roles within your company, or
-company email address changed

Annual invoices and reminder notices are emailed to persons who have 
been designated to represent the organization as the Billing, Admin, and 
Tech contact. Keeping these contacts up-to-date is an important part of 
making sure your annual invoices and reminder notices arrive in your 
inbox on time.

To update the Admin and Tech Point of Contact (POC), see the tip from 
our Registration Services Department in ARIN Bits in December 2017: 

To update the Billing contact, you must use one of the methods below, 
including the Organization Identifier (Org ID) or last invoice number to 
identify the account:

-Send an email to billing at arin.net
-Submit an ARIN Online request from within the “Payments & Billing” link 
located on the left
-Mail (correspondence only) to PO Box 232290, Centreville, VA 20120

Have any questions? Give our Financial Services Department a call at 
703.227.9886 or submit an Ask ARIN ticket from within your ARIN Online 
account, and an account representative will be happy to help you.

**Customer and Member Statistics as of 28 February 2018**

-37,000+ organizations served by ARIN
-21,000+ organizations under contract with ARIN, including 5,732 member 
-309 8.3 transfers and 31 8.4 transfers completed YTD 2018
-8.4 transfers completed YTD 2018: 23 to APNIC, 5 from APNIC, 4 to RIPE 
NCC, 3 from RIPE NCC
-56.4% of members have an IPv6 block

**Helpful IPv6 Links**

-Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment - 
https://www.arin.net/policy/nrpm.html#four10 - under this policy, ARIN 
set aside a contiguous /10 IPv4 block for allocations and assignments 
justified by immediate IPv6 deployment requirements. This block is 
subject to a minimum size allocation of /28 and a maximum size 
allocation of /24.
-List of IPv6 Training Consultants - 
-Software Developers Guide to Writing and Migrating Network Applications 
for Use on IPv6 Networks - 
-IPv6 Number Planning - https://www.arin.net/resources/ipv6_planning.html

**Stay Engaged with ARIN**

Check out www.TeamARIN.net for our latest blogs, including recent posts 
about employee tenure at ARIN, IPv6 tips, and strengthening Internet 
infrastructure in the Caribbean.

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