[arin-announce] CKN23-ARIN Proposal Implemented

ARIN info at arin.net
Wed Nov 15 16:50:47 EST 2017

ARIN has completed the implementation of the plan that was developed in 
response to the CKN23-ARIN community consultation, which opened on 22 
March 2017 and closed on 23 May 2017. This implementation plan was 
announced to the community on 6 September 2017. As a result, ARIN has 
performed the following work on 12,171 Organization Identifiers (Org IDs):

* For the affected resource records, the Resource Points of Contact 
(POCs) that were in place as of 29 June 2011 have been restored.
* ARIN has removed CKN23-ARIN as the Admin and Tech POC on these 
Organization records and replaced it with the original resource POCs.
* The original resource POCs have been retained as the Abuse POCs on 
these Organization records.
* All Organization and Resource records affected have been locked, 
preventing the processing of any changes to the Organization and 
Resource records until the submitted changes have been reviewed and 
vetted by ARIN staff.
* All requests for changes to the affected Organization and Resource 
records will need to be submitted in writing via an “Ask ARIN” ticket 
from within ARIN Online.

There are approximately nineteen thousand Org IDs in ARIN’s Whois that 
still have CKN23-ARIN (“No Contact Known”) as one of their POCs and will 
require further research in order to rectify. The following paragraphs 
provide additional details regarding the changes made (please note that 
these numbers will change over time):

* Approximately 750 Org IDs have direct assignments/allocations and are 
the result of the existing POC contacting ARIN to ask to be removed from 
the record as they were no longer associated with that organization. 
Because they were unable to provide a replacement POC, ARIN staff used 
CKN23-ARIN as a placeholder handle until a new POC could be added. These 
handles will require further research by ARIN staff.
* Approximately 12,900 Org IDs have provider assigned 
assignments/allocations (they are associated only with reassignments 
made by an ISP). These Org IDs had no valid POCs associated with them. 
When policy proposal 2010-14 (NRPM 2.12) was implemented (requiring all 
Org IDs to have a Tech and Abuse POC), staff added CKN23-ARIN to these 
Org records in order to be in compliance with the policy.
* Approximately 6,200 Orgs have no assignments/allocations associated 
with them and are considered to be orphaned Orgs. These Orgs will be 
addressed in a future ARIN project.

You can view the full consultation regarding CKN23-ARIN at:

If you would like to discuss the resulting changes to your records and 
how to update your registration, please contact a member of our 
Registration Services team at 703.227.0660 Monday through Friday 7:00 AM 
to 7:00 PM Eastern time or submit an "Ask ARIN" ticket from within your 
ARIN Online account.


Leslie Nobile
Senior Director of Global Registry Knowledge
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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