[arin-announce] ARIN Retires IPv4 Countdown Plan

ARIN info at arin.net
Wed Jun 1 12:03:57 EDT 2016

ARIN held an open consultation on the topic of retiring the IPv4 
Countdown Plan in March and April of this year. Following the open 
consultation period, it was announced that the Plan would be retired on 
1 June 2016.

The IPv4 Countdown Plan has now been retired. This includes the 
cessation of Phase 4 processing procedures in the review of IPv4 
assignment/allocation requests. Going forward they will be handled via 
normal processes and no longer be serialized via team review of IPv4 
request tickets. Removing these procedures allows the recovered staff 
time to be redirected to other registration related work activities 
inside the ARIN Registration Services Department, such as handling the 
increasing number of IPv4 transfers.

The full text of the consultation is available for review at:


For further information about IPv4 address options, visit:



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