[arin-announce] Combined Registration Services Agreement Released

ARIN info at arin.net
Wed Oct 7 11:31:49 EDT 2015

ARIN is pleased to announce the release of the new combined Registration
Services Agreement ("RSA Version 12.0 / LRSA version 4.0"). This
agreement is the successor to existing RSA and LRSA agreements. On 1
September 2015, ARIN concluded its consultation with the community with
regards to this combined agreement. The revisions found in this new
agreement were based on the feedback received from the community over
the past few years.

RSA Version 12.0 / LRSA Version 4.0 is an update to the previous RSA
Version 11.0 and LRSA Version 3.0, which were already quite similar in
terms. This single agreement will be used moving forward effective 6
October 2015 and includes notable and substantive revisions including
but not limited to:

   * The agreements term's are only applicable to "Included Number
Resources" (i.e. the Internet number resources pursuant to the
agreement, not any other number resources that parties may hold under an
existing LRSA or under no agreement)
   * Similarly clarifying that "Included Number Resources" are not
property is only applicable to the "Included Number Resources" in the
   * Provides uniform service terms and conditions (other than fees) for
all customers receiving services from ARIN
   * Defines ARIN's services that are covered by the agreement, including
resource certification
   * Provides a more balanced agreement  with more limited rights to ARIN
and more equivalent rights to holders
   * Clarifying the notification provisions to protect both parties
   * ARIN's Fee Schedule will not be applied retroactivity, and
   * Clarifying renewals to meet the needs of governmental entities.

Existing holders of Internet number resources have the opportunity to
upgrade to this new version of the registration services agreement.
They can retain their current registration services agreement if they

To view RSA Version 12.0 / LRSA Version 4.0 please visit:


Note that the final RSA Version 12.0 / LRSA Version 4.0 incorporates
changes and clarifications as a result of the community consultation on
the earlier draft that closed on 1 September 2015. Differences between
that earlier draft and the final RSA Version 12.0 / LRSA Version 4.0 are
highlighted in a redlined document:


Anyone needing further information about the RSA Version 12.0 / LRSA
Version 4.0 can call the Financial Services Help Desk at +1-703-227-9886
or send an email to billing at arin.net.

Nothing in this announcement alters or otherwise modifies any terms of
RSAs previously signed.


John Curran
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd. (ARIN)

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