[arin-announce] Status Quo for ARIN-Discuss Mailing List

ARIN info at arin.net
Thu May 15 12:00:08 EDT 2014

After considering the input received during the recent community 
consultation on the subscription eligibility and appropriate topics to 
raise on the ARIN Discuss mailing list, we have decided not to make any 
changes to the list at this time.

The ARIN-Discuss mailing list will remain open to employees of ARIN 
member organizations, ARIN Board of Trustees, and ARIN Advisory Council 
members. RIR Staff members may observe but not actively participate in 
discussions. It will continue to be used as forum for the ARIN member 
community to discuss ARIN-specific issues such as fee structures and 
internal policies.

Further study will be given to two questions raised during the consultation:

     1. Should membership (and therefore the list) be open to any 
interested organization that pays fees to ARIN?
     2. What is the appropriate forum to engage the Internet community 
in the ARIN region on the topic of Internet governance?

ARIN will engage with the community on these questions at a later date.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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