[arin-announce] Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Now Available to ARIN Customers

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Mon Sep 17 09:59:43 EDT 2012

ARIN is proud to announce that ARIN resource holders with either a 
signed RSA or LRSA may now participate in RPKI through ARIN Online. 
Additionally, those wishing to validate RPKI information may do so after 
requesting a Trust Anchor Locator (TAL). ARIN's TAL is required to 
validate information from ARIN's RPKI repository.

RPKI is a free, opt-in service that allows users to certify their 
Internet number resources to help secure Internet routing. This 
initiative has been developed within the IETF's SIDR Working Group, with 
involvement from Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), and numerous 
Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

ARIN encourages members of the Internet community to certify their 
resources through RPKI. Internet routing today is vulnerable to 
hijacking and the provisioning/use of certificates is one of steps 
required to make routing more secure.  Widespread RPKI adoption will 
help simplify IP address holder verification and routing decision-making 
on the Internet.

ARIN plans to continually review and improve RPKI based upon user 
feedback. Users are encouraged to report any issues via the 
arin-tech-discuss mailing list.

For more information about this crucial step in securing Internet 
routing as well as future enhancement plans, visit ARIN's RPKI Home 
Pageat https://www.arin.net/resources/rpki/index.html.


Mark Kosters

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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