[arin-announce] ARIN and NANOG Joint Workshop: Getting Started with IPv6

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Thu Sep 8 11:35:13 EDT 2005

NANOG and ARIN are jointly offering "Getting Started with IPv6," a 
workshop providing hands-on experience at the back-to-back NANOG 35 and 
ARIN XVI meetings this October in Los Angeles. The workshop will take 
place on Sunday, October 23, 2005 from 9:00AM to 4:30PM (PDT) at the 
Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City.

NOTE: If you attempted to register for this workshop from August 29 
through September 4, please be aware that due to server problems, 
registrations for this workshop were not being recorded. We apologize 
for any inconvenience and invite you to please register again.


The workshop, led by Jordi Palet, will offer a practical introduction to 
the basics of IPv6. Participants will learn how to activate IPv6 on 
their own laptops, and be given practical instruction on:

     * Installing IPv6 on different platforms (XP/W2003, Linux, BSD)
     * Basic stateless/stateful configuration, including privacy setup
     * Transition mechanisms
     * Examples of applications
     * Basic monitoring and troubleshooting

All registered NANOG 35 and ARIN XVI attendees are invited to attend 
this IPv6 workshop free of charge. Registration for this workshop and 
for ARIN XVI is available at:


See details concerning the workshop at:


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