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Tue Jun 15 12:14:10 EDT 2004

The responsibilities and scope of ARIN's Executive Team has expanded
tremendously in recent years, particularly due to emerging issues in the
worldwide Internet Community. To more effectively support the community
and manage internal company operations, the Director of Operations job was
formally split into two separate positions.  Richard Jimmerson, who has
been ARIN's Director of Operations for the past four years, assumed the
newly created Director of External Relations position on June 7, 2004.
Richard will concentrate on co-ordinating the development of Number
Resource policy through regional and global liaison; communicating with
stakeholders in the ARIN region to gather information; and promoting
participation in the Number Resource policy development process. Nate
Davis will join our team on June 28 and take over the Director of
Operations position.  Nate will focus on overseeing and maintaining the
effective internal operations of ARIN.


Raymond A. Plzak
President & CEO

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