[arin-announce] Important Documents Concerning ICANN

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Mon Sep 22 19:58:21 EDT 2003

The Regional Internet Registries (RIR) have published 
three (3) documents:

  a.  Proposed Open Letter to ICANN from the Regional 
      Internet Registries
  b.  Proposed Agreement between the RIRs to create the 
      Number Resource Organization
  c.  Proposed Agreement between the RIRs (acting through 
      the NRO) and ICANN concerning the Address Supporting

These documents are available at:


In order to ensure that all interested and concerned parties 
have the opportunity to comment, a thirty (30) day comment 
period is now open. The comment period will close at midnight 
UTC (8 PM EDT) October 22, 2003.

The ARIN Board of Trustees will consider the comments as they 
are received and intends to make a decision whether to adopt 
these documents following this comment period. If these 
documents are adopted by all the RIR Boards, it is the 
present intention to formally pass the open letter to ICANN 
on the 24th of October. On the same date the Boards of the 
RIRs currently intend to direct their CEOs to sign the MoU 
concerning the establishment of the Number Resource 

The RIRs welcome feedback from the Internet addressing 
community on the contents of these documents.  All comments 
should be addressed to: nro-comments at apnic.net. The comments 
will be passed to all the Boards of the RIRs, and will also 
be published on the web site http://www.apnic.net/nro-comments. 
Any dialogue that arises from such comments will also be 
published on this site.

Subscription information for the nro-comments mailing list is 
available at:


All postings to this mail address (nro-comments at apnic.net) are 
public, and will be published at the following URL: 


Raymond A. Plzak
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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