[arin-announce] AfriNIC Announces Decision On Host Country Proposals

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Tue Jun 24 12:55:18 EDT 2003

The following announcement was released by the AfriNIC
Board of Trustees.

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Announcement by the AfriNIC BOT Concerning AfriNIC Host Country Proposals
Date: 23 June 2003

1. There was a call for proposals in terms of the hosting proposal
   document as published on the AfriNIC web site. The BOT received 5
   proposals 2 of which were received after the deadline. All the
   proposals were accepted by the AfriNIC BoT. The proposals are published
   at http://www.afrinic.org/AfriNIC-Hosting-Proposals.shtml

2. AfriNIC held a public meeting in Kampala on 15 June 2003, where the
   host country proposals were presented.

3. Having heard the proposals that Board requested that at closed meeting
   be held to find a consensus on the matter between interested parties.
   The following were present at that meeting;

   *  Board Members including Nii Quaynor, Richard Bell, Charles Musisi,
      Theo Kramer and Alan Barrett.
   *  Members Of The Working Group from Montevideo including Sunday
      Folayan, Brian Longwe, and Anthony Brooks.
   *  Representatives of Host Country Bidders - including representatives
      from Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Mauritius.

4. Those present were are able to agree on the following consensus.  As
   with all compromises the solution did not meet 100% of everyone's
   expectations, however it was agreed that all parties present found the
   proposal to be an acceptable and workable one.  Notwithstanding the
   need for cost control and operational efficiency, it was decided that
   the operational functions of AfriNIC could be effectively divided as

   a.   Administrative Centre. Including legal incorporation,
        business manager, and, secretariat.
   b.   Training Centre. To co-ordinate and implement all the training
        activities for AfriNIC.
   c.   Technical Operations Centre.  Including hardware & infrastructure
   d.   Back Up & Disaster Recovery Facility for Technical Operations.

5. The consensus was to allocate these functions as follows:

   a.   Administrative Centre - Mauritius
   b.   Training Centre - Ghana
   c.   Technical Operations Centre - South Africa
   d.   Back Up & Disaster Recovery Centre - Egypt

6. It was agreed that the board should issue revised terms of reference
   for each of the functionalities so that the successful bidders in each
   section could produce detailed implementation plans and finalize
   funding for their respective areas of responsibility.  These revised
   TORs would be discussed with bidders.

7. Subsequent to the Kampala meeting, the AfriNIC Board of Trustees has
   unanimously voted to ratify the the consensus proposal from the Kampala
   meeting as described above.

Whatever our collective interests and reservations, consensus requires
compromise.  We have a workable proposal on the table with consensus from
the majority of interested parties.  That proposal has been ratified by
the board and we take this opportunity to inform the community at large of
the board's decision.

It is our sincere hope that the process will now begin to progress rapidly
and we thank the community for their continued support.

Yours sincerely,

The AfriNIC Board of Trustees

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