[arin-announce] Call for Comments: ASO AC Draft Documents

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Tue Jun 24 12:38:48 EDT 2003

The ASO Secretariat has announced the following call for comments.

ARIN Member Services


The Address Supporting Organization (ASO) is pleased to call for public
  comments on the following draft documents:

  * Procedures for the election of AC Chair and Co-Chairs (draft)
    - This draft document defines the role of ASO Address
      Council (AC) Chairs and Co-Chairs describes the
      process of electing individuals to serve in these
    - http://www.aso.icann.org/docs/chair-selection-draft20030510.html

  * ASO-AC ICANN Board Selection Procedures (draft)
    - This draft document describes the procedures and
      criteria the AC should adopt in selecting individuals
      to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors
    - http://www.aso.icann.org/docs/bod-selection-draft20030424.html

  * ASO Roadmap 2003 (draft)
    - This draft document sets out the proposed work plan
      for the AC in 2003.
    - http://www.aso.icann.org/docs/roadmap-2003.html

If you have any comments or questions on any of these documents, please
direct them to the aso-policy mailing list. For subscription details,
please refer to:


Kind regards
- ASO Secretariat

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