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Fri Oct 11 18:08:59 EDT 2002

The individuals below have been nominated to run for one of six 
open seats on the ARIN Advisory Council beginning January 1, 2003. 
Five of the seats are for three year terms, and the individual 
receiving the sixth greatest number of votes will serve out the 
remaining one year of Jeremy Porter's term. Jeremy resigned on 
August 12, 2002.

Current AC members whose terms are expiring December 31 include: 
Bill Darte, Mark Kosters,Alec Peterson, Lea Roberts, and 
John Sweeting.

Dana Argiro                            
Bill Darte                             
Andrew Dul                             
Dale Finkelson                 
Teri Francis                   
Tanya Hinman                   
Mark Kosters                   
Cleveland Mickles                      
Justin Newton                   
Alec Peterson                  
Lea Roberts                            
Charles Smith                  
John Sweeting                  
Stacy Taylor                   
Suzanne Woolf

Candidate bios and a form for voicing support can be found on the 
ARIN website at: http://www.arin.net/elections/ac/acbios.html

Electronic elections open for ARIN members at 9:00 AM EST, November 4 
and close at 9:00 AM EST, November 11. The winners will be announced 
by November 16.

Each member has one designated member representative who is eligible 
to cast one vote. This individual will receive the voting instructions 
via e-mail. ARIN must have this individual's name and personalized 
e-mail address on record. Contact memsvcs at arin.net if you wish to 
verify this information.

Raymond A. Plzak
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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