ARIN/LACNIC Transition Update

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Mon Jul 22 15:11:11 EDT 2002

Since November 2001, ARIN has been working very closely with LACNIC (The
Latin American and Caribbean IP address Regional Registry) to prepare
for their eventual emergence as a new Regional Internet Registry.  As
part of this transition process, ARIN and LACNIC have been conducting
joint reviews of all IP and AS number requests coming from the emerging
LACNIC region.

On July 27, to begin the next step of the transition process, all IP and
AS number requests from the LACNIC region will be submitted directly to
LACNIC using LACNIC templates.  These requests will continue to be
reviewed under the current ARIN policies.  The request process will also
continue to include coordination between the LACNIC and ARIN
registration staffs to ensure consistency.  Also on July 27,
registrations with postal addresses inside the emerging LACNIC region
will be documented in the LACNIC WHOIS database.  The list of countries
that make up the emerging LACNIC region can be found at:

More information about LACNIC is available at:

Raymond A. Plzak
President & CEO
The American Registry for Internet Numbers

Raul Echeberria
Chairman, LACNIC Board of Directors

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