Nomination Committee Volunteers Sought - Quick Response Required

Member Services memsvcs at
Mon Jul 22 13:15:30 EDT 2002

Per the ARIN bylaws, three (3) volunteers from the general membership are being
sought to serve on the Nomination Committee (NomCom) for the fall 2002
ARIN Board of Trustees election. If interested, please submit your name, e-mail
address and member organization name to memsvcs at no later than 5:00 PM
EDT on July 24. Three names will be randomly selected from all eligible

The business of the NomCom will take place via teleconference calls.
Details regarding the responsibility of the committee are found in the
Bylaws excerpts below.

Thank you for your interest in participating.


ARIN Member Services

>From ARIN Bylaws:

Article VI
Section 4. Nomination and Election of Trustees.

b. Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee shall be appointed
annually by the Board of Trustees. The Nomination Committee shall consist
of seven (7) persons including: two (2) members of the Board of Trustees,
two (2) members of the Advisory Council, and three (3) volunteer members
from the General Membership who shall be selected by random lot. Any
member of the Nomination Committee may be removed by a majority vote of
the Board of Trustees. The Nomination Committee shall be responsible for
identifying, recruiting, and certifying a properly selected slate of
candidates to be placed in nomination before the General Membership for

d. Duties of Nomination Committee.

1. The Nomination Committee shall select two (2) or more candidates
recruited from the General Membership or recommended by the General
Membership for each such vacancy or vacancies on the Board of Trustees as
are to be filled at the ensuing election.

2. The Nomination Committee shall require each candidate to submit a
curriculum vitae in form and format to be determined by the Board of
Trustees in order to evaluate their experience and qualifications.

3. The Nomination Committee shall, following evaluation of candidates'
experience and qualifications, submit its selected list of candidates for
election to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees prior to the fall
meeting of the General Membership of ARIN.

4. The Nomination Committee may not nominate anyone selected for the
Nomination Committee in any year for a Trustee position in the same year.
The NomCom is responsible for reviewing the list of nominees
for BOT positions (submitted by the general membership), verifying the
qualifications of these nominees and finally, selecting the slate of
nominations for the elections.

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