ASO AC Candidates Announced

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Fri Sep 28 17:26:05 EDT 2001

The following individuals have been nominated to run
for the open seat on the ASO Address Council in the
ARIN region, becoming vacant with the expiration of Raimundo Beca's 
term on December 31, 2001.  The seat is a three year term expiring 
December 31, 2004.

Timothy J. Biggs
Dewey Coffman
Eric B. Decker 
Christopher Faulkner
Greg Hiscott
Rob Leon
Peter Schroebel

Candidate bios and a form for voicing support can be found on the ARIN
website at:

The ASO AC election will begin online for ARIN members at 9:00 AM EDT
October 22,and will close at 6:00 PM, October 29.  All attendees at the
October 29 ARIN Public Policy meeting in Miami, FL will be eligible to
vote onsite.  The winner will be announced on October 30.

Ray Plzak

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