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Subject: Closure?

Good morning folks.

	This is to remind you that ARIN is still holding out on accepting the
IAB/IESG recommendations for inital IPv6 delegation/allocation sizes. There
was some lively discussion at the last mtg but the concerns generally came
down to... "this makes me nervous and I don't understand it all to well."
Yes, there are operational concerns but quite frankly, the number of people
in the ARIN region that are able/willing to explore IPv6 seems to be either
very small, not willing to share experiences, or are happy with the 6bone
delegations.  ARIN has pretty much removed the barriers to entry with the
zero-cost delegation policy in place.

	Unless a viable counter proposal or modification to the existing
IAB/IESG proposal that has been accepted by RIPE and APNIC, I'm going
to recommend to the ARIN council that silence is consent and ARIN should
adopt the IAB/IESG proposal for a /48 being the default delegation size,
subject to review, based on operational experience.


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