ARIN Member & Public Policy Meeting

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Wed Jul 28 17:07:18 EDT 1999

ARIN Public Policy & Member Meeting
October 18-20, 1999
Denver, Colorado 
The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) will be hosting its 
first public policy meeting in conjunction with its semiannual membership 
meeting, October 18 -20, 1999 in Denver, Colorado, USA. 

ARIN wishes to thank Qwest for their support and sponsorship of this event

Public Policy meeting

The Public Policy meeting is being held as a forum for the general public 
to discuss issues relating to IP. This portion of the three day event is 
open to all those interested in IP-related issues and will consist of one day 
of working groups including: 

* Database Implementation (DB) 
* Community Learning and Education (CLEW) 
* IP Allocations Policies 
* Routing Table Measurement and Analysis (RTMA) 

If this is of interest to you, please get complete information 
about the working groups and related mailing lists.
The second day will consist of discussions on issues relating to 
global IP policy, ARIN operations and ICANN/ASO.

A public policy mailing list has been set up to handle online discussions 
of IP issues.  To subscribe, please send a message to 
ppml-request at with the words "subscribe" in the body of the message. 
If you have agenda suggestions for the public policy meetings, please send 
them to this mailing list or directly to marys at

Member Meeting

The semiannual ARIN member meeting will meet on the third day of 
the three day event This meeting is restricted to those individuals and 
organizations that are members of ARIN. 

ARIN operational and financial issues will be on the agenda for the 
member meeting, as well as the opportunity to meet the nominees for 
ARIN Board of Trustee and Advisory Council open seats (a call for 
nominations will begin soon). Please send additional agenda 
suggestions to the arin-discuss at mailing list.

A maximum of 2 representatives from each member organization 
may attend the member meeting on October 20th. Please 
click here 
for more information and to register.

Thanks for your participation,

Mary Schultz
Membership Coordinator
marys at

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