Address Supporting Organization Proposal

Mary Schultz marys at
Fri Jul 23 16:20:39 EDT 1999

>Dear ARIN Members,
>A proposal for the formation of an Address Supporting Organization 
>(ASO) has been formally submitted to the ICANN jointly by the Regional 
>Internet Registries: ARIN, RIPE and APNIC. The proposal is a culmination 
>of input from the community and comments from a series of public meetings 
>held over the past few months. The proposal outlines the structure of 
>the ASO and its responsibilities, as well as the role of an Address 
>Council within the ASO.
>To review this proposal, please visit the following site:
>ARIN feels that it is important for the Internet community to provide 
>feedback to ICANN to show support for the proposal. We would 
>appreciate it if you sent your comments to ICANN at: 
>comments at
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>this announcement and other pertinent ARIN topics can be found at
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>please send an email to arin-discuss-request at with the words 
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>Thanks for your participation,
>Mary Schultz
>Membership Coordinator
>marys at

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