Nominations for ARIN's Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

Mary Schultz marys at
Wed Aug 18 14:03:53 EDT 1999

An open call is issued for ARIN members to recommend nominees to fill two 
seats that are becoming vacant at the end of the calendar year for the 
Board of Trustees and five open seats for the Advisory Council. The open 
Trustee seats are currently held by Doug Humphrey and Don Telage. The 
Advisory Council members whose terms are ending are Bill Darte, Avi 
Freedman, Ed Kern, Hank Kilmer, and Alec Peterson. All ARIN member 
representatives are invited to participate in the nomination and voting 
process. Nominations must be received by September 20 in order to be 

A Nominating Committee has been formed to aid in the Board of Trustees 
election process. This Committee will review the list of proposed nominees 
and select up to three candidates for each open Board seat to be presented 
to the membership. The six-member Nominating Committee consists of two 
volunteers each from the Board, Advisory Council, and the general 
membership, and includes Scott Bradner, Kim Hubbard, Steve Corbato, Alec 
Peterson, Chris McFarland, and Dave Klinkefus.  Nominations for the Board 
may also be made without the Nominating Committee's participation by 
presenting a petition signed by 15% of the total ARIN membership. Current 
ARIN membership totals 794; therefore, 119 members will be required to send 
statements of support to elections at in order for the petitioning 
candidate to be nominated.

All nominations made for the five open Advisory Council seats will be 
presented to the membership to be voted upon.

All recommendations for nominations should be sent to elections at
and must include the following information:

Name of Nominee
Email Address
Phone Number
Whether nominated for the Board of Trustees or the Advisory Council

For a description of the qualifications for the Board of Trustees and 
Advisory Council, and for further information regarding this election 
process, please visit ARIN's web site at

Thank you for participating in this important process.

Mary Schultz
Membership Coordinator
marys at

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