Election of ARIN Board of Trustees

Mary Schultz marys at arin.net
Fri Aug 6 16:21:39 EDT 1999

>>Election of ARIN Board of Trustees 
>>For the upcoming election in the Fall of 1999, the ARIN Board of Trustees
>>has voted to instate direct nominations of open Board seats by ARIN 
For the Board of Trustee election a Nomination Committee (NomCom) will be created.
>>The NomCom is responsible for reviewing the list of nominees (submitted by
>the general membership), verifying the qualifications of these nominees and 
>finally, selecting the slate of nominees for the elections.
>>The NomCom will consist of 2 representatives from the Board of Trustees
>>2 representatives from the Advisory Council and 2 representatives from the 
>>general ARIN membership.
>>At this time, we are seeking volunteers from the ARIN membership to fill
>its portion of the Nominations Committee.   All volunteers please submit 
>your name and member organization to memsvcs at arin.net no later 
>than 5:00pm EST August 13, 1999.  If more than two members 
>volunteer, we will randomly select two.

>Once the Nominations Committee is established, additional 
announcements regarding the 1999 Elections will follow.
>>Thanks for your participation!

Mary Schultz
Membership Coordinator
marys at arin.net

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