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The NSI Transition and ARIN

Dave Stoddard makes some excellent points in these notes....
ARIN was formed about the same time as NSI's transition.


"NSI completely replaced senior level management about nine
	   months ago.  Most of those folks were responsible for the arrogant,
	   unresponsive attitude that NSI displayed for so many years.  NSI
	   replaced those folks with the most qualified people they could
	   find.  For example, Gabe Battista, NSI's CEO, was President of
	   Cables and Wireless before coming to NSI last year.  Dave Holtzman
	   was one of IBM's most-talented senior engineers, and also has a
	   substantial business background.  There are dozens of other
	   examples throughout the organization.


So if your idea of the InterNIC is two engineers, two computers, and
	a half-dozen support personnel with an attitude, forget it -- it is
	not that way anymore.  Dave Holtzman wants to make the InterNIC a
	world-class support organization that puts reliability and customer
	support first.  From what I have seen, he is well on his way ...

	Dave Stoddard
	US Net Incorporated
	dgs at


NAIR has to make sure that it avoids the "attitude" problem...

If NAIR focuses on education and helping people and
providing good customer service, it can be an asset to
the overall Internet community. NAIR can spring from the
cooperative efforts of many people on the Internet and
not be the result of some "corporate reorg". This will only
happen if we focus on the near term goals and the next
steps that need to be taken....

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation