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(IPng 4177) Re: An idea to bounce off people: storing routing info in the DNS instead of the routers.


bound at wrote:
> Well it can't be down without translators on the host.  But no we have
> no IETF solutiion at this time.

  That is my understanding as well.  The IETF is still working on a
standard here form wht I understand.
> Some of us are working on it but I am not sure this can be brought into
> the IETF.  How I do it on my implementation may not be good for another
> implementation.

  True.  But some standardation can be achieved.
> Also they have a lot of evil aspects like killing performance and a
> nightmare to manage.

  Yes, the performance hit is significant I must admit.  I am not 
in agreement with the managment part however.  I have done this
already on several occasions and the managment aspect is really a 
matter of setting up good procedures and some tool development,
which I have done myself.
> Lots of different ways to do them.  This just may be the place where
> added value exists and the vendor who does this well will sell more
> IPv6.

  I agree.
> At the ngtrans group I will present deployment scenarios and this is
> clearly one of them.

  Great!  I think it would be very helpfull.
> It also can be avoided in most cases too with private IPv4 addresses.

  Not sure what you are refering to here.  FOr intrAnet I do, but for 
Internet addressable IPv4 I don't.  Can you clearify a bit?  >;)
> /jim

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