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(IPng 4177) Re: An idea to bounce off people: storing routing info in the DNS instead of the routers.


bound at wrote:
> I have not commented on this thread as I am just scanning it and will
> read it in entirety before the IETF and if I have comments I will make
> them later or at the IETF if this is a subject for the Working Group.
> But this caught my scanner:
> >> [Did a solution to a v4 program talking to a v6 host ever get developed?
> >> I was off the list for about 4 months this year]
> >  I believe so.  But don't quote me on this.  Maybe some others
> >on this list can answer this one.  Anyone?
> A v4 host can always talk to a v6 host that has a hybrid stack meaning
> it can accept v4 or v6 addresses.
> A v4 host talking to a v6 ONLY host is another matter (I am assuming
> translators or non-translators exist between the two nodes).
> Which is the question?

  I believe the latter is the question.  I believe that if translators
are present on the v6 only host, that there is no problem.  However,
if not than of course transmission will fail.  But don't quote me
on tis one.
> /jim

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