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(IPng 4133) Re: An idea to bounce off people: storing routing info in the DNS instead of the routers.

Michael and all,

Michael Gersten wrote:
> Yes, 2 years is the outside limit, given the demand for routable
> IP's.

  Glad you clarified that.  Two years just isn't exceptable I don't
dure to demand alone.
> This idea of mine is intended to allow V4 systems, with 100% compatibility,
> to have routables /31's or /32's (assuming that a /32 won't crash the
> kernel).
> As people have pointed out to me, strict compatibility won't happen, but
> if the ISP's and backbones upgrade, it will work; if and when people upgrade
> their own systems (windows 98, etc), then the load is moved even more to
> the source sites and away from the center.
> The point is: If the whole reason for rushing v6 is "Get routable IP's",
> then it's a false argument. There are other ways to get routable IP's that
> do not require all existing v4 applications to be incompatible.

  I agree.
> [Did a solution to a v4 program talking to a v6 host ever get developed?
> I was off the list for about 4 months this year]

  I believe so.  But don't quote me on this.  Maybe some others
on this list can answer this one.  Anyone?


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