NAIPR Message

Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations

Michael Gersten supposedly said:
> Which /8's is IANA giving to ARIN to allocate,

The ones currently being allocated by the Internic.  Of course as they are
exhausted, ARIN will presumably request more from the IANA.

> Who will manage the /8's that are not allocated to APNIC, RIPE,
> ARIN, NSI/InterNIC, etc, if IANA is no longer around.

The IANA will always be around.  There will always be a need for some
entity to keep track of assigned numbers (IP addresses are really a small
part of what the IANA does)  I suppose it is possible that the name might
change or the duty might be subsumed by another organization.

> If the whole point of ARIN is to replace IANA, then say so.

It is not.

> If ARIN is not going to replace IANA, but only the north american
> NSI/InterNIC operations, then why is (my understanding is that it
> will be) ARIN's policies different than those of APNIC/RIPE?

Because ARIN is based in North America, RIPE in Europe and APNIC in the
Asia/Pacific Rim.  Is it so hard to imagine that different policies are
called for in different portions of the world?

> [Alternatively, if ARIN is to replace NSI/InterNIC, then why is
> ARIN's policies different than NSI/InterNIC's policies?]

Because policies change.  The proposed policies of ARIN are very similar to
the current Internic policies with slight changes to address commonly
agreed on changes.  I expect policies to change over time with all

> 		Michael

--->  Phil