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Fleming's Law

On Friday, July 18, 1997 2:52 PM, Wetfuse at wrote:
@ Dear Mr. Jim Fleming-
@    You write--
@    <<People are now very educated on all of these matters. The
@ U.S. Government agencies are also becoming educated.
@ The FTC and the DOJ are stepping in where the NSF failed.
@ The problems are not new. The Internet leaders may try to
@ confuse government leaders with jargon and buzzwords,
@ but politicians are beginning to clearly see the picture.
@ The resources are controlled to financially benefit a few
@ people and companies are denied resources to prevent
@ them from competing. It is not a new problem. I am sure
@ that solutions will come and in some cases, the law will
@ likely be swift and least in the U.S.>>
@ RESPONSE-- The last line is disquieting.  Please let me know where you have
@ experienced law being swift much less just.  Moreover, the impression you
@ have made here is that you seem to believe that government intervention (Dept
@ of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, or some other) will improve the
@ situation.  Is this a correct impression?  It has been my experience that
@ government mainly serves the already  rich and powerful, especially those who
@ have befriended politicians.  Has your experience with government been
@ different?  Thank you for your enlightenment.
@ John B. Hawley
@ lawhawley at

There are many ways the law can be swift and just
and in some cases the government does not have
to get involved and law enforcement does not have
to be involved...

...I call your attention to the possibility of self-enforcement...
...that can be swift and just...

Have you ever seen a speeder slow down when they
see a speed limit sign for the first time on a residential
street ? How about when they see a radar trap ?

Have you ever seen a government employee stop using
U.S. Government computers for personal business when
their superiors ask them what all that file space is being
used for ?

Have you ever seen an NSF official think twice about
spending $3 million on some project for a good friend
after reading the laws ? Or watching a 60 minutes program?

Have you ever seen non-profit companies get their house
in order when they realize what their reporting requirements
are and after reading....

Have you ever seen how quickly some people leave the
U.S. when they realize that their activities will not be
allowed under U.S. law ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation