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a 2nd potential solution

	[Apologies once again if anybody receives this twice.]

On Jul 18, Vince Wolodkin <wolodkin at> wrote: 

> I had a thought along the lines of an ISPAC but at a higher level.  What
> is large NSPs went together in groups of two or three and got routeable
> space that they ISPACed.  Then they could offer a package deal to ISPs. 

	I'd been thinking about something like this for quite a while
	now (long before I had any idea I'd be moving West to help
	start Priori), but there're some biggish problems here that I
	can see.  The first, of course, is finding another backbone
	type provider who'd participate; I've got a few ideas on that
	one, though, considering our market.  The second would be how
	to formulate this request without affecting each provider's
	individual allocation requests.

	Then, of course, there's the hypothetical but likely scenario
	wherein somebody is connected to one of the providers in this
	deal, and decides to multi-home with one of the other providers
	in on the deal.  While it might be easier for them to get a PI
	block (actually we should call these "/mostly/ provider
	independent" address blocks here), they'd still be forced to 
	renumber or else face the same kind of problems we've been 
	talking about all along.

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