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Democracy and InterNIC/APNIC/RIPE-NCC

At 12:51 PM 7/18/97 +0200, John LeRoy Crain wrote:
>I agree that US citizens know what their version of democracy is.
>However electing someone to represent the citizens only works when you
>have citizens. ARIN does not yet have members, so who gets to vote.
>Who is going to decide this? Who is going to contact all the people
>with an interest in the Inet, As you don't have members yet, not only
>in the US, ARIN is not a registry for the USA only, but in south
>American countries other ARIN regions?
>To take a vote you first need to define who the voters are. I would
>suggest that the ARIN proposal clearly points to the fact that the
>"members" will get a say in what happens. 
>First you need the members and to get them ARIN needs to exist before

Hi, John.  

Having had only one cup of coffee this morning, I accidentally left out a
third question.  Please excuse me.

In line with the other two questions, what were their respective answers
for RIPE?

If memory serves correctly, the temperature must be approaching 25C by this
time of year there in Amsterdam.  Have a great weekend.

Best regards,