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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

Lhillip, Jim and all,

  I must agree with Phillip here.  Gordon made most of these questions
fairly clear in his previous post I thought.

Philip J. Nesser II wrote:
> Jim Fleming supposedly said:
> >
> > Gordon,
> >
> > You recently posted that NSI was funding ARIN with a million
> > dollars and that Don Telage would be involved because of the
> > large investment that he is making. Now you claim that ARIN
> > has no money and needs "members". Which is it ?
> As usual, you attempt to twist the simplest phrases into having some hidden
> meaning.  Applying the slightest amount of mental energy would produce the
> following (obvious) conclusion:
>   NSI is providing intial funding for ARIN, but ARIN needs members if they
>   want to be self funding.
> (In case you didn't want to spend that mental energy, that point has been
> stated countless times in the last 8 months.)
> >
> > You also claimed that Don Telage does not "grok" the Internet.
> > If this is the case, then why would he be at the center of your
> > ARIN planning and why would he be the person that wrote and
> > presented the NSI alternative plan to the IAHC ?
> >
> Don Telage is a businessman and hence understand the concepts of legal and
> business issues required in setting up something like ARIN and hence it
> makes sense that he be involved in it.
> > Now you claim that ARIN will not be operational for 6 to 9 months.
> > Can you present the reasons for this delay ? How does the NSI
> > IPO impact this delay ?
> The claim was that ARIN will not be self supporting for 6 to 9 months.
> Amazingly enough the reasons that ARIN has been delayed are largely due to
> ravings posted to everybody under the sun that there was some conspiracy
> afoot.  After looking into those ravings, (and finding them baseless) ARIN
> is finally being allowed to go forward.
> >
> > Also, once again, what is your role and financial interest, if any,
> > in the ARIN planning ? It appears from your reports that you
> > have been one of the main people shaping the ARIN structure.
> > I thought that the "members" were supposed to shape ARIN.
> > Are you part of the membership committee or a founder ?
> Members will shape the way ARIN operates, but it has to get to the point of
> being able to accept members before they can take that responsibility.
> The proposed BOT has long been known, and Gordon is not one of them.  There
> are however many, including Gordon (and I) who are supporters of ARIN
> because we believe in its goals and its necessity.
> >
> > Jim Fleming
> >
> --->  Phil

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