NAIPR Message

ISP Address Coalition (ISPAC) (was a 2nd potential solution)

This idea (ISPAC, pronounced "ice pack"), was originally proposed by Tony
Li as an Internet Draft (draft-li-ispac-00.txt), which has been deleted due
to expiration.  It can be found, however, at,sv)/ietf/draft/draft-li-ispac-00.shtml.  

In addition, Yakov Rekhter writes of a PowerPoint presentation:

"There is also a presentation on this topic from Tony and myself that
was made at the last year IEPG meeting. The presentation is available 
via anonymous ftp from under /ftp/yakov/spa-vs-pac.ppt 


At 11:13 PM 7/15/97 -0500, Larry Vaden wrote:
>A second potential market solution would be for a group of ISPs with common
>interests to join forces and apply for a suitably sized CIDR block directly
>from the IANA.
>In this scenario, the ISPs would not be using "provider dependent (AKA PA)"
>space, but rather PI space.
>This same group of ISPs with common interests then would issue an RFP for a
>"group buy" and then select 2 or 3 NSPs to carry their traffic through the
>normal commercial negotiations process.  Because the ISPs were allocated PI
>space out of the same address block, aggregation would be possible and
>If you are interested in contributing to the discussion, please send e-mail
>to nair-founders-request at with a message body of "subscribe".