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Working Draft with Kim Hubbard Amendment

On Friday, July 11, 1997 2:28 PM, J.D. Falk[SMTP:jdfalk at] wrote:
@ On Jul 11, "Alec H. Peterson" <ahp at> wrote: 
@ > Again, as David pointed out there are other countries besides the US
@ > as far as the 'net is concerned, and this means that it is quite
@ > possible to have very long haul T1s, which have considerable latency
@ > across them.  
@ 	Just to bring this back around, I'd like to point out that
@ 	Robert's Working Draft (which started this thread) is intended
@ 	for ARIN, and it's doubtful that ARIN will be assigning much
@ 	address space to countries beyond North America.

ARIN's web site claims otherwise...<>
it includes AFRICA and SOUTH AMERICA

Also, SAIC recently landed some contract to provide
Internet gateways to AFRICA. That may come into play
since SAIC owns NSI (who is funding and staffing ARIN).

@ 	So, while all these points would certainly be valid if anyone
@ 	were to suggest requiring two T1's to qualify for a /19 anywhere
@ 	in the entire world, they're less important when we're talking
@ 	about policies specific to the North American continent.

When you are talking about "policies", especially in
the U.S., you have to cover a wide range of topics
that go well beyond the technical matters.

For example, the NSF, NSI and ARIN have to be very
concerned about EEO and Affirmative Action issues.
You may have to work those into your policies.


"The Company's business included commercial and
government contracts awarded to the Company on
a competitive basis, including government contracts
that were awarded to the Company based partially
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