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Ben elgin is just about as clueful as the posts hilzenrath was Re: Experts question funding etc

At 08:32 PM 7/9/97 -0400, Gordon Cook wrote:
>"new blood and fresh ideas"  this is absolutely irrelavnt to the process
>of scaling the internet and making it continue to run.

interesting view ...

>> "It is important that the general membership be involved in the selection
>> of the Board of Trustees

>well you have finally done it.  i who all my life have been left of
>center.... a student of the russian revolution.....hereby declare myself
>an aristocrat.  good show mate.   you are damned right that the peasants
>aren't qualified to be on the board.....becasue guess what the peasants
>don't have the expertise!!
>Further, if the phrase in the
>> above sentence were correct,   it would be a(n) (equally) balanced board,
>> correct?
>I tried to find the language about equally balanced and
>couldn't.....perhaps its there and one had then better define it

Then maybe the board makeup should be changed to be equally reflective of
the desires of the membership, maybe some industry leaders who represents
new blood (taken from this pool of peasants [your words, not mine], listed
in alphabetical order) like Karl Denninger, Avi Freedman, Justin Newton,
Robert Shearing, Ronald Yokubaitis,  plus an unnamed economist and an open
market specialist, ... 

Would the addition of a few of these [peasants] or equally qualified other
[peasants] make the board more balanced?