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Ben elgin is just about as clueful as the posts hilzenrath was Re: Experts question funding etc

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Larry Vaden wrote:

> At 07:24 PM 7/9/97 -0400, Gordon Cook wrote:
> >Nice try Larry but you strike out and so does Ben Elgin.
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> >Elgin is about as clueful as hizenrath.
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> >On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Larry Vaden wrote:
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> >> >From <>
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> >> However, the continued reliance on appointing board and council members as
> >> outlined in the ARIN document, has many industry insiders wondering if new
> >> blood and fresh ideas will be able to gain power within the organization.

Thanks for giving an opportunity to quote on the above

this is also ignorant pontification if it comes from elgin's keyboard.

"new blood and fresh ideas"  this is absolutely irrelavnt to the process
of scaling the internet and making it continue to run.

It does take some technical expertise to solve these problems and although
i sure as hell do not have the technical expertise in my own head to
contribute anything original to that side of the probvlem, i do have
enough expertise to distinguish substance from smoke.   we have gotten
plenty of substance from justin, ken and jeremy porter and others.  so in
that respect i am not worried.  But the smoke at the moment if stiffling.

> Gordon, <> says, in part:
> "It is important that the general membership be involved in the selection
> of the Board of Trustees, however it is equally imperative that the
> selection of trustees be a well-thought out process that would not
> jeopardize the viability of the management of ARIN and would be fair to all
> members."

> Sounds like the French aristocracy doesn't think the French peasants are
> qualified enough to be on the initial board.  

well you have finally done it.  i who all my life have been left of
center.... a student of the russian revolution.....hereby declare myself
an aristocrat.  good show mate.   you are damned right that the peasants
aren't qualified to be on the board.....becasue guess what the peasants
don't have the expertise!!

Further, if the phrase in the
> above sentence were correct,   it would be a(n) (equally) balanced board,
> correct?
I tried to find the language about equally balanced and
couldn't.....perhaps its there and one had then better define it

you can have balance from CLUEFUL people.....they MUST be clueful and if
they are not then balance becomes irrelevant....

cluefulness in this industry counts every bit as much as money and
lawyers..... I
 HOPE you will soon understand this......
meanwhile I have work
 to do.