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ISP/C Example

>You seem to have missed a few facts.
>A. The board of directors of the ISP/C during it's first year of existence was
>   self-selected and *NOT* chosen by the members.
>B. The minutes that you posted was of a board of directors meeting during
>   which the board of directors decided which positions each director would
>   hold and how many years each director's term of office would be.
>C. The decisions at this meeting were unanimous.
>So far it would appear that ARIN is every bit as democratic as the ISP/C is.

I'll also add that during the early days - particularly the time between the
incorporation and starting operations, those involved in the startup were
focused on getting the organization up and going;  feeding the necessary
paper monsters, getting documents filed and so forth.  I doubt anyone at the
time would have described it as open.

ARIN, however, is blessed :) with a lot more folks watching than we had...

Give'em a bit of breathing room.  Let Kim and her folks get the paper work
done, the membership forms ready, the online info set up, and I expect that
after they have been running a year, they will have a lot more time to deal
openness issues - as a membership driven organization, by definition, it
will happen.

For now, I believe the most important thing to do is not rock the boat and
slow things down even more.  Let's focus on discussing policy changes that
can be submitted to the advisory council when it opens up shop on pagan,
and let the folks doing the organizing do their thing

Charles T. Smith, Jr.
President - ISP/C
cts at