NAIPR Message

ISP/C Example

>For people "organizing" ARIN.....
>I suggest that you follow some of the open and democratic
>processes used by the ISP/C. They should be applauded for
>their efforts and be used as a model for organizations that
>serve their members and the public.

You seem to have missed a few facts.

A. The board of directors of the ISP/C during it's first year of existence was
   self-selected and *NOT* chosen by the members.

B. The minutes that you posted was of a board of directors meeting during
   which the board of directors decided which positions each director would
   hold and how many years each director's term of office would be.

C. The decisions at this meeting were unanimous.

So far it would appear that ARIN is every bit as democratic as the ISP/C is.

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