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On Wednesday, July 09, 1997 3:08 PM, Michael Dillon[SMTP:michael at] wrote:
@ >"representative" ?.....please read <>
@ >
@ >=========================
@ >Raymundo Vega Aguilar - Mexico
@ >Randy Bush - U.S. - ISOC/IETF
@ >John Curran - U.S. - ISOC/IETF/IPv6
@ >Scott Bradner - U.S. - ISOC/IETF/IPv6
@ >Donald N. Telage, Ph.D - U.S. - NSI
@ >Jon Postel - U.S - ISOC/IANA
@ >Kim Hubbard - U.S. - NSI
@ >=========================
@ >
@ >Where is Canada's representation ?
@ Some Canadians feel that Scott Bradner understands the Canadian Internet
@ quite well. Rather than using crass political apportionment to choose the
@ BoT it makes more sense to let the BoT evolve over time. Canadians will
@ have ample opportunity to join ARIN as members and to elect members of the
@ Advisory Board and if those people show that they deserve the public trust
@ of *ALL* North Americans then they may well end up on the BoT as well.

Great, as other similar organizations to ARIN are set up
people will likely want to take that into account.

There is a group in Canada that is working hard on a
new Root Name Server Confederation with serious
servers and connectivity. They might be candidates
to follow in ARIN's footsteps.

There is another group in Australia that is bringing
a new Root Name Server Confederation online. They
understand the Registry Industry and will also likely
be a candidate to develop an ARIN-like company.

Network Solutions, Inc. certainly does not have a
monopoly on setting up non-profit companies to
serve the Internet community. People in the U.S.
are recognizing this and realize that they can now
move forward with their plans.

P.S. The ARIN web site <>
indicates that ARIN is "not limited to" the areas
shown below. What is the region ARIN covers
and have the people in those regions been informed
that ARIN claims to handle their area ?


"Those areas include, but are not limited to,
North America, South America, South Africa
and the Caribbean."


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation