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IP allocation policies

On Wednesday, July 09, 1997 8:34 AM, Kim Hubbard[SMTP:kimh at] wrote:
@ While everyone is discussing the issue of relaxing the allocation policies for ARIN, I would like to make a suggestion.

I thought the policies for ARIN, RIPE and APNIC were going
to be the that not the case ?

Is the pricing the same between ARIN, RIPE and APNIC ?

Again, what is the status of ARIN ?
Has it been staffed ?
Are there ARIN employees ?
Who will be running ARIN ?

Do the delays have anything to do with the NSI IPO ?

Have people left NSI and joined ARIN ?

Have assets been transferred between NSI and ARIN ?

What about the /8s ?
Which /8s will ARIN be managing ?

Lastly, who is managing the .ARPA Top Level Domain ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation