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PI/19 allocations to multihomed ISPs was Re: pagans...

>"representative" ?.....please read <>
>Raymundo Vega Aguilar - Mexico
>Randy Bush - U.S. - ISOC/IETF
>John Curran - U.S. - ISOC/IETF/IPv6
>Scott Bradner - U.S. - ISOC/IETF/IPv6
>Donald N. Telage, Ph.D - U.S. - NSI
>Jon Postel - U.S - ISOC/IANA
>Kim Hubbard - U.S. - NSI
>Where is Canada's representation ?

Some Canadians feel that Scott Bradner understands the Canadian Internet
quite well. Rather than using crass political apportionment to choose the
BoT it makes more sense to let the BoT evolve over time. Canadians will
have ample opportunity to join ARIN as members and to elect members of the
Advisory Board and if those people show that they deserve the public trust
of *ALL* North Americans then they may well end up on the BoT as well.

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