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PI/19 allocations to multihomed ISPs was Re: pagans...

On Tuesday, July 08, 1997 7:00 PM, Gordon Cook[SMTP:cook at NETAXS.COM] wrote:
@ I thing the arin board is pretty darned represenative of the net
@ considering it is only five people.

"representative" ?.....please read <>

Raymundo Vega Aguilar - Mexico
Randy Bush - U.S. - ISOC/IETF
John Curran - U.S. - ISOC/IETF/IPv6
Scott Bradner - U.S. - ISOC/IETF/IPv6
Donald N. Telage, Ph.D - U.S. - NSI
Jon Postel - U.S - ISOC/IANA
Kim Hubbard - U.S. - NSI

Where is Canada's representation ?

Where is Africa's representation ?

Where is South America's representation ?


"the Company has incorporated a not-for-profit organization named the
American Registry for Internet Numbers (the "ARIN") to administer
IP addresses for North and South America and parts of Africa."


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation