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Gordon Cook wrote:
> Eric sez:
> I strongly object to the way ARIN's board
> is annointed.  It is not chosen by the members but by NSI.  That
> annointed board then appoints the advisory council from which new BoT
> members will come in the future.

  We certianly are in agreement here for a change.
> >From what i know....or at least think I know....the ARIN board was most
> definitely NOT chosen by NSI.  Why do you think it was?  because telage
> the NSI president is on it?
> Telage is an honorable man but unfortunately in my opinion, he does not
> "grok" the internet.  I do think the arin board would have a better
> composition with justin newton or ken leland there in place of telage.
> nevertheless Telage is spending a million dollars to cut arin loose
> so I guess they figured it would be impolite to keep him off.
> Still if he had stayed off it would have had a positive impact on NSIs
> image in my opinion.

  I think it would have had a positive effect as well.
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