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Current Need for PI/19 for newer multihomers

On Wednesday, July 09, 1997 3:50 AM, Charles T. Smith, Jr.[SMTP:cts at] wrote:
@ > They have been working on this since January and before
@ > that according to some of the meeting minutes. What could
@ > take so long ?
@ Perhaps getting the folks at the NSF and other agencies to understand
@ what was being proposed.  I was sorry to see it slowed down;  however,
@ by getting the I's dotted and the T's crossed will lessen chances of
@ future direction, so it's not all bad.

Does the NSF only deal with NSI ?

@ > NSI claims that ARIN has been incorporated. Why hasn't
@ > the Board of Directors reported on that ?
@ Giv'em time;  at least enough to let the ink dry on the paper.  Given the

When will the next ARIN be started ?

Why do these people have a monopoly ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation