NAIPR Message

Current Need for PI/19 for newer multihomers

> They have been working on this since January and before
> that according to some of the meeting minutes. What could
> take so long ?

Perhaps getting the folks at the NSF and other agencies to understand
what was being proposed.  I was sorry to see it slowed down;  however,
by getting the I's dotted and the T's crossed will lessen chances of
future direction, so it's not all bad.

> NSI claims that ARIN has been incorporated. Why hasn't
> the Board of Directors reported on that ?

Giv'em time;  at least enough to let the ink dry on the paper.  Given the
experience Kim and her folks have had on the net, I can easily understand
why they don't want to release things before everything's finished;  it
will just bog them down more with 1000 questions.  Let'em finish, get the
membership stuff ready, and once all the organization stuff's done, I'm
sure there'll be plenty of reading material, and more time for questions.

Of course, corporation papers are generally a matter of public record.
You could check with the VA Secretary of State.