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ARIN Already Incorporated ?

On Tuesday, July 08, 1997 8:02 AM, Jeff Williams[SMTP:jwkckid1 at] wrote:
@ > The IP address allocations (assets) being transferred to ARIN are worth millions
@ > of dollars. It is still unclear which /8 blocks are being transferred to ARIN. It
@ > is also still unclear who will be managing the .ARPA Top Level Domain.
@ > Some people claim that ARIN will be handling that, others claim NSI. The
@ > National Science Foundation should work that out BEFORE we have another
@ > situation where one company is allowed to charge whatever it pleases for
@ > Internet resource usage without any recourse from the people and companies
@ > that depend on those resources.
@   From what I can tell, all of the allocations (Assets) are being
@ transfered
@ to ARIN.  As far as .ARPA TLD, my understanding is that POC or iPOC will
@ be handeling that.  
@ > 

I guess the NSF was not informed that IP addresses and domain
name issues are related.

What happens if the private group that takes over .ARPA or
some portion of IN-ADDR.ARPA decides to change all the
rules on delegations (domain names) that are registered in
that zone ?

Has the NSF and the U.S. Government worked all of these details out ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation