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ARIN Already Incorporated ?


Jim Fleming wrote:
> On Monday, July 07, 1997 8:40 PM, Paul Ferguson[SMTP:pferguso at] wrote:
> @ At 08:10 PM 07/07/97 -0500, Eric Weisberg wrote:
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> @ >> ARIN's charter is not to "run the net," as you seem to imply,
> @ >> but rather, its charter is to provide IP address allocation and
> @ >> registration services for greater North America. Also, if you'd
> @ >> bother to do your homework, you would also realize that ARIN is
> @ >> following a model which has been in place in Europe (RIPE) and
> @ >> the Asian Pacific region (APNIC) for several years now, and all
> @ >> indications are that this model functions remarkably well.
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> @ >Paul, I need some help here.  Where can I find ARIN's charter?
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> @ Ah, you are looking for a literal charter document, which doesn't
> @ exist. I meant 'charter' in the figurative sense, in that the
> @ purpose of ARIN is spelled out in documents found on their
> @ web site, namely:
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> @ - paul
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> According to the following, Network Solutions, Inc. (a subsidiary of SAIC)
> has already incorporated ARIN. There is no mention of who the shareholders
> are or the members of the Board of Directors. Also, there is no mention
> of how the assets being transferred from NSI/SAIC to ARIN are being
> handled.
> @@@@@
> "The Company has recently received authorization from the
> NSF to shift the allocation and administration of IP addresses to
> a not-for-profit organization. In support of this initiative, the Company
> has incorporated a not-for-profit organization named the American
> Registry for Internet Numbers (the "ARIN") to administer IP addresses
> for North and South America and parts of Africa. The Company anticipates
> that the responsibility for the allocation and administration of IP addresses
> will be transferred to ARIN by the fourth quarter of 1997. The Company
> has agreed with the NSF to provide financial support to ARIN through the
> end of the first quarter of 1998. The Company believes that the amount of
> such support will not be material to the Company's business, financial
> condition or results of operations."
> @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
> The IP address allocations (assets) being transferred to ARIN are worth millions
> of dollars. It is still unclear which /8 blocks are being transferred to ARIN. It
> is also still unclear who will be managing the .ARPA Top Level Domain.
> Some people claim that ARIN will be handling that, others claim NSI. The
> National Science Foundation should work that out BEFORE we have another
> situation where one company is allowed to charge whatever it pleases for
> Internet resource usage without any recourse from the people and companies
> that depend on those resources.

  From what I can tell, all of the allocations (Assets) are being
to ARIN.  As far as .ARPA TLD, my understanding is that POC or iPOC will
be handeling that.  
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