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All Eggs in One Basket ?

On Tuesday, July 08, 1997 10:01 AM, Alec H. Peterson[SMTP:ahp at] wrote:
@ On Mon, Jul 07, 1997 at 08:17:00AM -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
@ > 
@ > Can you say 'lawyer fodder'?
@ Sure can, but the other options aren't great either.  If ARIN is able
@ to pull off being an impartial body, then this thing might actually
@ work.  If not, then it doesn't matter what the policy is, the whole
@ thing will be lawyer fodder.

If there are a dozen ARINs then you do not have to
place all of your eggs in one basket and watch that basket...

This is one of the reasons why there are now multiple
Root Name Server Confederations. The .ARPA Top Level
Domain is currently delegated by all of those Confederations
to Network Solutions, Inc. The Root Name Server Confederations
have to make sure that this is the consensus of the Internet
Community who the various Confederations represent.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation