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offered for discussion -- principle #0

On Tuesday, July 08, 1997 2:05 AM, David R. Conrad[SMTP:davidc at] wrote:
@ Larry,
@ >We're here because of a message from Kim;  I'll
@ >let those folks decide if we should take it back to naipr at
@ I believe Kim was saying that ARIN will be using the same global
@ policies that the other registries are using and that if you want to
@ modify those policies, the appropriate place to discuss those
@ modifications would be pagan.  If you want to talk about specific
@ implementation of those policies at one particular registry, you
@ should use the appropriate registry's mailing list (e.g.,
@ apnic-talk at, naipr at, etc).
@ Regards,
@ -drc

Who will be managing the .ARPA Top Level Domain ?

Is that an ARIN issue ?
A domain name issue ?
...or a policy issue ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation