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Jim Fleming wrote:
> On Sunday, July 06, 1997 9:51 AM, Scott Bradner[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
> @
> @ > Honestly, it depends on how much "old blood" there is on the board before I
> @ would assume what you assume.
> @
> @ Larry - on the face of it such a principle is absurd, the arin board is
> @ bound by the laws just like anyone else - the arin lawyers are paid
> @ to be sure that the laws are followed, no "principle" is needed to
> @ make this true.
> @
> Scott,
> You speak of ARIN as if it exists. Can you give
> people an update on the status ?
> Who is paying the "ARIN lawyers" ?
> Have people joined ARIN already ?
> How are the IP address "intellectual assets" being handled ?
> Can you speak to how they are currently valued
> on the books of NSI and how they will be transferred
> to ARIN ?

  All good questions.  NSI's IPO filing sure doesn't show any of this in
any detail.  Inquiring minds want to know!  Well ARIN Board members?
What is the poop on these questions?  I know I am not going to hold
my breath waiting on an answer though.  
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