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pagans at principle #0

On Sunday, July 06, 1997 9:51 AM, Scott Bradner[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
@ > Honestly, it depends on how much "old blood" there is on the board before I
@ would assume what you assume.  
@ Larry - on the face of it such a principle is absurd, the arin board is
@ bound by the laws just like anyone else - the arin lawyers are paid
@ to be sure that the laws are followed, no "principle" is needed to
@ make this true.


You speak of ARIN as if it exists. Can you give
people an update on the status ?

Who is paying the "ARIN lawyers" ?

Have people joined ARIN already ?

How are the IP address "intellectual assets" being handled ?
Can you speak to how they are currently valued
on the books of NSI and how they will be transferred
to ARIN ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation