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Jim and all,

Jim Fleming wrote:
> On Thursday, July 03, 1997 10:07 AM, Stephen Sprunk[SMTP:spsprunk at] wrote:
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> @ >2.) Must have no more than 4096 PI IPs already, unless it is a new
> @ >startup than based on projected size of startup broke down on RFC2050 specs.
> @
> @ I don't quite understand your added wording here...  If it's a new startup,
> @ it won't have ANY PI IPs.  My intent was to automatically disqualify people
> @ who already have large PI blocks (like, say, BBN who has 3 A's and a dozen
> @ B's) from getting anything from the "New ISP" block.
> @
> Maybe companies with /8s ("Class A's") should be
> encouraged to become registries and lease out
> some of their space, just like ARIN. As long as new
> private companies like ARIN are going to be getting
> into this business, there is no reason that existing
> companies can not participate.

  I agree.  There is no LOGICAL reason why not!
> John Curran of BBN is on the proposed Board of
> ARIN. <> Maybe he can comment
> on whether BBN would be willing to allow allocations
> to be made from their stock-pile of addresses. Yes,
> routing may have to be adjusted but there could be
> other benefits.

  Yes, "Other bennifits indeed".  Maybe a little
snoop and poop is in order here for BBN, hummmm?  >;)
> Holding 3 /8s is over 1% of the total IPv4 address space
> and a higher percentage of the usable space. The
> U.S. Government via the Department of Commerce
> and the Federal Trade Commission will eventually
> have to determine whether these sorts of allocations
> give companies an unfair advantage in the market
> place.

  I will be sure that this info gets to the "Right
people" at Commerce and Trade.  Not to worry...  >;)
> That can only happen AFTER companies determine
> their costs of renumbering and the costs of obtaining
> allocations. Rather than have regulation BEFORE the
> fact people have campaigned for review after the fact.
> Companies have to add their costs of participating in
> these forums into those costs.
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