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Class A ARIN Clones

On Thursday, July 03, 1997 10:07 AM, Stephen Sprunk[SMTP:spsprunk at] wrote:
@ >2.) Must have no more than 4096 PI IPs already, unless it is a new
@ >startup than based on projected size of startup broke down on RFC2050 specs.
@ I don't quite understand your added wording here...  If it's a new startup,
@ it won't have ANY PI IPs.  My intent was to automatically disqualify people
@ who already have large PI blocks (like, say, BBN who has 3 A's and a dozen
@ B's) from getting anything from the "New ISP" block.

Maybe companies with /8s ("Class A's") should be
encouraged to become registries and lease out
some of their space, just like ARIN. As long as new
private companies like ARIN are going to be getting
into this business, there is no reason that existing
companies can not participate.

John Curran of BBN is on the proposed Board of
ARIN. <> Maybe he can comment
on whether BBN would be willing to allow allocations
to be made from their stock-pile of addresses. Yes,
routing may have to be adjusted but there could be
other benefits.

Holding 3 /8s is over 1% of the total IPv4 address space
and a higher percentage of the usable space. The
U.S. Government via the Department of Commerce
and the Federal Trade Commission will eventually
have to determine whether these sorts of allocations
give companies an unfair advantage in the market

That can only happen AFTER companies determine
their costs of renumbering and the costs of obtaining
allocations. Rather than have regulation BEFORE the
fact people have campaigned for review after the fact.
Companies have to add their costs of participating in
these forums into those costs.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation